Exterior Door

Choosing an exterior door from SPACE means choosing to protect oneself with style.

Interior Door

An exclusive blend between craftsmanship and advanced technology, where careful research meets design.

Fire-Rated Wood Door

Each single detail reveals the unmistakable precision it was made with.

Fire-Rated Metal Door

Quality, stylistic innovation and technology, research and craftsmanship.

Multi-Purpose Door

A flexible and practical solution for all commercial, public, and private needs.



Design & Selection

Our products include only the finest quality merchandise to meet any style, or price point, and can be customized within endless personalization possibilities to address the individual needs and tastes of our clients, whether it is a homeowner, developer, architect, or interior designer. We work with our clients closely to provide them exactly with what they are looking for, regardless the size of the project.      

Production & Delivery

All our models are supplied exclusively from the top leading manufacturers around the world, and crafted under the highest standards and requirements to ensure the highest quality. Because of this, production can take up to 12 weeks before an order is ready to be delivered for installation.

Installation & Maintenance

For an extra fee we can provide installation services with our highly experienced team, which has been trained extensively with our manufacturers to ensure a smooth installation. Should any piece require replacement or repair because of damage, we will address it on a case to case basis. We also provide free maintenance for up to a year.


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